Hooikraal Activities


Hooikraal has excellent birding. It has a river frontage, several hectares of what was until recently farmland and many further hectares of bush. Birds from all three habitats are observed daily. Birding can be done from the lapa, or a short hike takes you to the river and the water birds. It is also possible to use one of the (former) hunting hides, in the bush, which are close to water points.


There is a cycling trail up to the radio mast - bring your own mountain bikes! The trail is navigable by 4x4s so is manageable by competent bikers using appropriate equipment and safety precautions. It is about 10kms long, uphill there and downhill (of course) back. So if at any point you feel it is beyond your capabilities it is easy to return to base. There are other trails available, details will be supplied on request.


There are relatively gentle hikes in the vicinity of the accommodation, either along the river or through the bush. The hike to the radio mast - either following the bike trail or taking a more direct route - is a little more difficult but is easily within the scope of competent hikers. There are other trails available and again, details will be supplied on request. All activities are self guided (instruction sheets supplied).


There is a twin roomed guest house with bathroom. You will have use of the adjacent lapa with power, hotplate, braai, kettle and fridge. Crockery and cutlery are all supplied. There is a pool. The water quality is good and we drink it every day. Diligent testing has demonstrated to our satisfaction that small dilutions with whisky enhance the flavour in the usual way.

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The view from the radio mast.